So Many Swirls, So Little Time

The image fits me quite well, I think. I picture each swirl as a different section, segment or activity in my life.  These sometimes bumps against, flow into, or covers another partially or completely.  Some might even say about me: So many swirls, so little time!

And yet, each swirl is different.  Some invite you in.  Some are small and understated.  Some are big and consuming.  Some are rhythmic.  Some even seem to have no beginning or ending.  Some of them are dark.  And some are full of light and life.  Some are….

And yet, they all come  together with the others to create something of beauty.

Isn’t that how we are created?  God uses all of our different swirls, the dark, the distorted, the symmetrical, the  big, the small, and even those swirls that step outside of their intended lines to create an image of beauty.

So many swirls—God’s beautiful work of art!

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