12 hours of Rest

When I awoke a week ago with a horrible pain on the right side of my chest area, I was thinking I just pulled a muscle from over doing my sit ups the night before.  Little did I know that 15 minutes later the pain would intensify, I would feel extremely nausea and a trip to the hospital by ambulance would be my fate.

A few hours later, I would discover my gallbladder was inflamed and would have to be removed.  Reason?  Unknown.  I had no gallstones and eat a pretty low-fat, low carb diet.

That Thursday, I spent more than 12 hours lying in the ER—12 restful hours.  You might be asking, “Restful? Really?”  Yes, they were truly restful.

They were restful for a couple of reasons.  First, the pain meds and anti-nausea meds that were administered worked amazingly well.  I never knew drugs could be so good!  Second, no one knew I was there.  It was my own secret hide out.  JT, my mom, the kids, a close friend, and the pastoral staff at Second were the only ones who knew I was there.   ANd I pretty much told everyone NOT to come visit.  Though I am thankful for Joyce’s visit–as she popped her head in a few minutes before my surgery—and I forced her to prayer for me:)

These hours in the ER were quiet and peaceful.  My cellphone was on silent and I barely checked it.  There wasn’t a TV and there was nothing I could do—I was forced to lay and be.

Laying and being—-two things I have never been good at, but things each of us need to rejuvenate our bodies and spirit.   This time was a definite reminder of how my body and spirit long to rest and just be.  Two things that I don’t let it do due to my high expectations of myself and the expectation other place on me.

How does your body and spirit tell you that you need rest? What does it take for you to lay and be?  Do you need to go somewhere far away and remote?  Or does sitting on park bench work? Whatever it is, I encourage you to listen to your body and the yearning of your spirit.  Both are constantly speaking to us, if only we just stop and listen.

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