Spirit of Life (a prayer)

"Spirit of Life"

Spirit of life,
in us and around us,
here is our chance, once again,
to live like we wish the world
would live.
May we find within ourselves
the courage to be who we are.
May we know
when it is time to listen
and when it is time to speak.
May we trust ourselves
to be the ones to find the words
that need to be said
or to do what needs to be done.
May we trust one another
and know there are many ways
to go through life.
May we know that
though we cannot change
some of what life gives to us,
we can choose how we deal
with what we are given.
We are coming into our power,
and together we can make possible
justice and love.
We are all connected;
we depend upon one another
more than we know.
We are one body.
So be it. Blessed be.

~By Barbara Hamilton-Holway

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