Resurrected Hopes

Thus says the Lord: I will cause breath to enter you and you shall 
You who have given up hope… 
You who have given up dreaming… 
You who have settled for a comfortable routine life of work, bills 
and dirty laundry…
You who believe your only option is to live with shame and 
You who think your best years are over and behind you…
You who buried your own personal joy when your loved one 
You who think that the Lord God has forgotten all about your 
little life…
It is to you that I say, ―Arise! Arise from the heap of discarded 
dreams and broken hearts!
Arise to discover that the Holy Spirit is breathing life back into 
Arise to experience the amazing grace that God desires to pour 
over you.
Arise to live with magnificent hope!
Because the world that too often resembles the valley of dry 
bones, needs for you to believe that God is not done yet and that 
you have a part in that redeeming resurrection. So breathe in the 
Spirit. Be filled and live!
~by Craig Barnes 

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