Bone Valley


Save us, Breath of God,
as we pass through this century,
from seeing only the facade
of human pretension.
Please open our eyes
that we may find ourselves
in Bone Valley.

There, in this valley of death,
give us the courage
to preach to these bones
that they may live!
If we protest our incapacity,
asking, “How can we preach?
What word have we to say?

Remind us to preach
the Man of Nazareth:
words which mirror actions,
actions that mirror words;
a seamless robe,
Love incarnate,
a faith that works.

Though we are inept
in the ways of such love,
help us to get started.
Then, as we speak, we shall hear
some rattling as a few bones
come to life and stand up
renewed in Christ Jesus.

Surely the Lord is in this place
though we did not know it!
We thank you, Breath of Hope,
that Bone Valley is most surely
becoming Easter Avenue,
where the dead hear the voice
of the Son of Love and live!

~by Bruce Prewer
Inspired by Ezekiel 37

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