Day 2 of 10: The Freedom–not yet– from the Clutter

I am happy to report that all 10 items from my free box were taken by 1 pm yesterday afternoon.  My free box (labeled—please don’t take this box) even remained.  Bonus!!

Day 1:  Success (10 items successfully removed from house)

Day 2:
For today’s box of goodies, I decided to limit myself to what was  on the first floor of our house.  And while a little limiting, I think I was able to share a good variety of items. (It’s amazing what you have hiding in closets and drawers, especially with kids).

Our living room chair is my staging area.  I have lost a few items to this, too convenient and can be seen by my kids, area but so far I haven’t heard too many complaints. Based on yesterday’s free items, books look to be “hot” on the CV market (a good thing as we do have lots of them).  So, I will be adding a rule, each box must contain at least 1 book.

No visible difference is seen and no difference is felt yet.  I might have to spend 10 days giving 10 things away in each room, but at least this is a start!

So here is what is/was in today’s box:

2 Children’s books
1 decorative mirror
2 reusable grocery bags
2 decorate frogs (I have a serious frog collection that needs  a new home)
1 zip drive (don’t ask—not sure why that was in our hall closet)
1 Dora bouncy ball
1 bag of unused 200 ponytail holders (I feel like we are swimming in hair bands, etc)
1 Golf Magazine (all things left on dining room table are fair game)
2 plastic kid cups

Are you headed to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday?  Stop by and check out our free box which will feature items from our first floor of the house and will include two bonus boxes filled with children’s books and kid toys.  All items will be placed out front by 9am:)

Happy Decluttering!


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