Life either dwarfs us or grows us….

In cleaning out notebooks in my basement, as I was searching for (or rather sorting the many) items to place outside for my 10 items for 10 days (which by the way I have given away 317 items so far.  Sorry for the lack of posting, Vacation Bible School kept me on my toes and busy this past week).

Anyways, as I was saying, as I was clearing out binders and folders, I came across a binder full of quotes and ramblings from books I’ve read, sermons I heard preached, and even some of my own random words of wisdom.  I decided to post one of my finds below…

“Life either dwarfs us or grows us. there is no in between. There is no standing still in the spiritual life. There is only the unending opportunity to become or to die. We see people die spiritually every day. Sometimes the look very religious in the doing of it, in fact. They go on believing, reading, praying, thinking, what they have always thought. In the face of new questions, they dare no questions. At the brink of new insights, they want no insights. They want comfort and a guarantee of the kind of heaven they imagined as children. They think that to think anything else is unfaithful….But those who grow in the spiritual life know that spirituality begins where answers and pictures stop. The spiritual life is seeded in darkness and ends in light. It is about love, not law; it is about grace and energy, the cosmos and creation. It is about hope at the edge of despair and a beginning where only an end seems to be.” (Joan Chittister, Called to Question: A Spiritual Memoir).

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