A Morning Gene?

I absolutely, positively dread mornings. I have never been a big fan of the morning wake up call.  I can clearly remember my mom calling me on our second house line while I was in high school making sure I was, indeed, awake. And most of the time, just mumbling “Yeah, yeah” as I rolled out of bed and into a hot shower in search of a gentler wake up.

And let’s not talk about college, I swear every class that I had to take was offered only at 8am.  I gave up on the morning showers, they made me smell nice and clean, but they did  nothing to take the brashness out of the morning. And if rolling out of bed was bad in college, I was queen of the 5 minute roll out in seminary (and the 3 minute roll out at SFTS)

And now with a family to get out the door and through the school doors by 7:45am, my dreaded part of the day is tripled as I struggle to get myself and the two kids ready. And no morning would be complete without an eye roll from the hubby and a “I told you so” look about going to bed earlier.

My loving and caring husband is a great team player in the morning, but I could do without his daily testimony that going to bed earlier will  make you happier to rise in the morning.  I seriously don’t buy that argument.  My body revolts against going to bed earlier than 11:30 and would much rather stay up and be productive till 12:30 or 1 a.m.

And I hate to say this, but I think the kids might have gotten my clock genes.  While they are great sleepers, they hardly ever fall asleep before 9pm.  Even when we have them in their rooms, lights out, etc by 7:30pm, they aren’t quick to sleep.  Nine out of ten school mornings, they don’t wake up happy to greet the world, which I think annoys the bejebbers out of the hubby.  This makes our home the number one place you don’t want to be between 7 and 7:30am.

While I am not a scientist, I do think there is a morning gene—and it looks like the majority of my family doesn’t have it.  Sorry, hubby!  I don’t know if we will ever be chipper and full of excitement when that annoying alarm buzzes, we will probably always be rushing around the house a minute before we are to leave for school looking for the pink headband, and I will never agree that going to bed any earlier will make me a happier person in the morning.

Most morning you will find me awake and not home at 8am, as I am carting kids to school, headed to church, or meeting someone for coffee. (All of our lives probably a similar chaotic rhythm). And while I am in a pretty okay morning mood, if you want to  catch me at my best—my most productive and fruit bearing times— you are better off coming by, texting, calling, or FBing between 9pm and midnight.  And don’t worry about waking up the hubby, he is already in a deep, deep asleep.

…Now, if only we could hold worship services at 9pm and 11pm…

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