A Green Halloween?

It has been quite a while since I have last updated you with my giving of things. We are up to 1,082 items—that is a lot of stuff. I think we have literally given away a “ton of stuff”. We gave away everything from stereos, cd players, wall art, telephones, zip drives, binders, folders, hard drives, books, more books, puzzles, shoes, baby pools, vases, lots of kid toys, purses, book bags, reusable grocery bags, clocks, baby items, mugs, plates, pots and pans, Bibles, calendars, and more. And we still have more that probably should go through the doors and out on the sidewalk for someone to have.

It is a little disgusting just how many items the average family owns. And we are probably about to own some more things, like two new costumes, as Halloween is right around the corner.

I read recently in Real Simple Magazine (October 2011 issue) that 6,250 tons of landfill waste could be avoided if half the kids in America traded Halloween costumes instead of buying new ones. I also heard that October 8th is National Halloween Costume Swap Day. Anyone interested in doing a little swapping? This would be a great way to declutter my closets, resist the consumerism bug, help a friend, and not contribute to landfill waste.  Anyone game?

For more information on how to have “green” Halloween visit http://www.GreenHalloween.org

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