I Take After My Mom, the Rock Star

I love it!!  I just love walking into my daughter’s school because each time I do, I have encounter the cool factor. It is almost like I am celebrity with all of Ellie and Maggie’s classmates waving to me in the hall.  I feel almost like a “rock star” with little girls running up for hugs and the boys coming over for fist bumps.

I clearly remember my mom coming in to my fourth grade classroom to work an ESL student once a week.  When she did, I also remember experiencing that “rock star” status.  All the kids would come up to me and say, “Wow, you are so lucky your mom comes into school.”  I experienced the “rock star” status again in 6th grade when my mom became a published romance novelist and shared with our class the challenges of writing, being critiqued, and the many times she was rejected before she was published.

There was a semi-cool factor freshmen year when all the parents came in-town for Parents’ Weekend and a group of friends from my hall and all our parents went to dinner together—but it just wasn’t as cool as it was in 4th or 6th grade.    I miss that.

Yes, I do have lots of really super awesome proud moments—like each time my mom gets a hole in one (she has done it twice),  how amazing of a wife my was when my father was sick and in the process of dying from cancer,  and how she is always there in a minutes notice for family, friends, or her church.  As adults, we don’t get too many opportunities to make our parents feel like rock stars like we did when we were young.

I love just how proud my daughters’ are of me and my hubby.  I love that they think we have completely hung the moon in the sky.  And yes, I know one day soon they will think we are the meanest more horrible people on earth.  But I do hope when they get older they will remember the “cool” and proud moments they have of us.  And I hope they will be “rock stars” to their children.




2 thoughts on “I Take After My Mom, the Rock Star

  1. I can see the lights waving now 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing those memories and allowing me to know how you felt. Now you’re my rock star!!

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