A Right to be Diasppointed?

I must admit, I was completely disappointed in the showing of the Mayor and councilmen and women at the Transform Baltimore event last night. I get that they are busy and they have important events, meetings, and need personal and family time. However, how often does one have the opportunity to sit and listen to the real concerns of students, facility, parents, and friends of the schools?

And the worse of it for me, isn’t that I am let down, but what about our students? A good friend and fellow parent at Margaret Brent Elementary Middle School spent quite a few hours working with a 7th grade student helping her put together a speech that would tell Mayor Rawlings Blake and our councilman, Karl Stokes, just what it is like to live and studying in this type of environment.

Our wonderful 7th grader practiced her speech numerous times, she wanted the message to be clear and direct. She even practiced looking up at the Mayor and our councilperson at certain points of the speech to help drive her point home. But is hard to make eye contact when they don’t appear to care enough to be in attendance.

The good news is that there were hundreds of others there who did care. And there were dedicated councilmen and women who do care about our kids and our schools, not just when it is time to get re-elected. Mary Pat Clarke was there like she always is. She heard our concerns and I hope she will continue to be our advocate, as she has been in the past.

Councilmen and women and Mayor Rawlings Blake, I get that you are a politicians, but can you please show our kids that you care about them and their future?

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