When Life Gives You Lemons….

…make lemonade. Or so that is the saying. But what if I am tired of making lemonade and can’t stomach the thought of just another sip of that sickening sweet drink. Is there anything wrong with just sucking on my lemons for a few days? Is there anything wrong in living in and amidst the yuck of the moment? I am not talking about self wallowing or depression, just the idea that sour things happen in our lives and perhaps we shouldn’t rush to squeeze the sour into something sweet. Maybe the gift is in the sour.

Our 5 year old was recently learning about her five senses in her pre-k class at Margaret Brent Elementary/Middle School. The teacher is great about doing hands on learning and experimenting in the class. One day they must have done a taste test and talk about how we can taste different things like sweet, salty, sour, and spicy. At dinner, still thinking about what she learned in school, she asked which taste we liked the best. My answer was spicy, her answer was sweet, and her older sister’s answer was sour. Our 5 year old asked her sister why? if you know our eldest you know there is not a simple answer. She explained how she has always liked sucking on lemons, even since she was really little. Then she said, “and you know I love sour patch”. She continued, “Sour Patch taste good only because you start with the sour and then taste the sweet. It wouldn’t be so yummy if they was just sweet.”.

I think my oldest is onto something. The sweet things in life definitely wouldn’t be as sweet and “yummy” if we didn’t also experience the more sour aspects of life. Now I can’t say that I am always super thrilled when lemons are thrown my way, but without them would I be able to fully taste the sweet?

One thought on “When Life Gives You Lemons….

  1. Wow I really liked that! I was listening to a message yesterday about learning from storms – though not lemons – the sweet and sour metaphor brings it to mind. We all get storms (or in this case, sour lemons) people in the bible who did evil got lemons but then looking at Apostle Paul, he also got lemons, really sour ones! But he accepted the sour for others to taste the sweet and you know what? If life were sweet without sour how boring would this life be! The sour is the spice of life! It’s what we do during those times I think that counts making the sweeter all the more sweet when it comes by.

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