Down Time

Last night the girls and I had some “down time”. Everyone has their own way of letting go and chilling out. A place, time of day, or activity that allows you to just be. This is a time when you aren’t worried about making dinner, getting homework done, upcoming meetings or anything else that might be on your plate. Finding and doing down time is hard, no doubt about it.

Why is it hard? We are a society on the move. We wear our busyness as a badge of honor and are raising our kids to do the same. And when we try to carve out down time, others are pulling at us trying to grasp and take that time from us–and we let them (or at least I do)

I am the worst at saying no. And most reading this post probably know that. I am pretty good at impromptu down time. While I don’t set a specific one or space to let go and let loose, when an opportunity comes my way I will probably take it.

Last night was one such time. On our walk to the corner store we passed a few different patches of clovers. A flood of memories came to me of spending hours in a field by my house looking for four leaf clovers with my older adult neighbor. In that field, among the clover, I had some of my best and deepest conversations with her, myself, and God (although I didn’t realize I was talking to God). So, on our way back home I shared with the girls one short memory. Before I knew it we had spent an hour outside gazing at a clovers. We didn’t find a single one, but at the end of time my youngest turns to me and says, “This was the best part of my day.”

Down time….we need more of it, as do our kids.


May the God who dwells behind time
and the God who dwells within time
bless you with the gift o time.
May it be for you an open door,
a spacious place,
a realm of meeting,
a world of grace.

~Jan Richardson

3 thoughts on “Down Time

  1. do you remember the patch of four leaves by the front of the house? Almost all four leaves–then we widened the driveway–bye bye always having good luck 🙂

  2. Thank you for this post. I’m beginning a four month sabbatical today and trying to calm down my racing mind and embrace some prolonged “down time.” Love the prayer from Jan Richardson. ~Joanna

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