Jericho Road Again

“Jericho Road Again”
by author unknown

I’ve just gone down to Jericho again.

I’ve gone a thousand times before; but each time in the past,
Book in hand and eyes on printed page,
I failed to see the man.

This time I left the Book at home and walked the road alone.
I saw people all around.
Some of their wounds were old and some were new.

And compassion came rising in my heart.
I could not pass them by.

The Jericho Road is any street, and every road,
Where we see and hear and feel and help.

We become aware of our identity with others in the bundle of life.
The word neighbor comes alive in us and for us.
Good Samaritan becomes our name!

Wherever compassion gets the best of us,
Wherever our hearts and hands and money
Go out recklessly and gladly,
That is our Jericho Road.

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