Woombie….I need one

Have you heard about or seen the Woombie?  It is baby swaddler that looks pretty much like a baby straight jacket.  They say it is “the only swaddler that mimics the womb.”  I was quite skeptical about this item after I came across it while researching how I could prevent our little Houdini from being able to escape the swaddle.  I tried all sorts of different types of swaddles, tried the miracle wrap, watched countless youtubes, and still his little arm would magically appear until…..

Yep, I bought it.  After reading the 100th review saying this was the best thing ever, I whipped out our Visa and purchased it.  It retails in the mid-twenty dollar range, but I found it online for  $19 plus free shipping.  (I figured if I was at work I would have spent more than that this week ordering lunch with the girls.) 

When it arrived, I put Little Dude in it immediately and he really liked it.  That night we did our first trial run and he slept his usual 4 hours and then 3 hours.  Last night, however, he slept almost 5 hours and then 3.  Five hours of straight sleep…I’m sold!!  Just for last night alone, it would be worth 20 something bucks!  

Their best selling line is this, “Eases the transition from womb to world.”  There are definitely no easy transitions in life, Little Dude can attest, but there are people and things that help our transitions along the journey from place to place or situation to situation.  Little Dude (and me) gives thanks for his Woombie. 

What helps you ease your transitions?Image

Little Dude trying out his new Woombie

2 thoughts on “Woombie….I need one

  1. Never heard of this! My youngest grandchild will be 4 next week, but I don’t recall ever hearing about this even when he was in NICU for a few weeks. Sounds wonderful. Reminds me of the Eskimo boards to which babies were strapped. Thanks for the photo Little Dude is a mighty fine looking baby! Love, Joyce

  2. We almost went with the Woombie (this is Katie Cashin BTW…) Baby registries aside, this is a great post. I love that the product tag is “Eases transitions from the womb to the world.” Sort of says it all. And explains why I need really grounding hugs when I’m about to start something new. Hugs and to talk to my “cabinet” of good people.

    Thanks for writing!

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