Rosemary Bread

It was a simple, but delicious meal on Sunday evening made for my family by our church members.  The homemade spaghetti sauce was out of this world (another recipe I must try to  get) and the cannolis were a yummy treat, but what caught my attention was the rosemary bread.  As it was heating in the oven, the smell of the rosemary filled our kitchen and eventually our living room bringing quickly to mind doctoral studies time at San Francisco Theological Seminary.

Rosemary is plentiful on the campus and there is a particular path on the way to my classes that has a long stretch of the fragrant bush.  On the way to class each morning or on the way back to our rooms, we would often run our hands down the bush capturing the fragrance on our hands.  The smell could linger on your hands or clothes for an hour or more (granted you didn’t wash them).  And if you picked a spring or two, the scent could easily fill your small dorm like room.

It amazes me how a simple scent, like rosemary triggered so many memories for me.  In the 30 minutes that we ate dinner, there were many SFTS moments that came to mind that I hadn’t thought about since they first happened.

Have you had any memories waft back into your life?

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