Lots of writing and barely any posting

I’ve been writing a little bit of everything and posting nothing!  And that would all be fine and dandy if any of it was on or about my dissertation, but it isn’t—not EVEN close!

My oldest is into limericks right now.  There is an awesome teacher (well, actually there are quite a few awesome teachers in the program) who writes a limerick for each day and is encouraging the kids to do the same.  Oldest daughter has written quite a few, so I decided to take on the challenge.  Can’t say that any of mine are publishable.  Most are about my day-to-day life–which deals with poop, spit up, and a crazy battle with thrush.  See, I told you nothing exciting and yet I have 15 different limericks about it! And a few of my limericks are inspired by standing game of Bananagrams with Little Dude each morning.  (He is still easy to beat, which is why I like playing with him.)

2013-01-22 10.38.52



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