Quality family time….making memories

Most would call what we did today skipping school, I call it “making family memories”. Yes, I did encourage my girls to skip a day of kindergarten and third grade to see the Raven’s Super Bowel parade.

We all slept in a few extra minutes this morning, put on a few extra layers if clothing, crammed into the back of city taxi and headed to Pratt street. While lined along the metal blockades on the street, I listened to the girls moan and complain about how cold they were, that hey needed to sit down, and wanted to go home. But the finally after an hour of delays, it began….

Cheering, lots of cheering….and the we saw the police on their motorcycles and finally it all became worth it. When we arrived home and thawed out, our middle child blurted out. “That was so much fun.” “What was so much fun?” I asked. “All of it.” Not sure she meant the complaining part, but not even thinking she will remember that. Maybe she is recalling how her Dad patiently walked her and her sister to the bathroom a few blocks away or maybe how she and I held hands the whole walk home or maybe it was seeing Flacco and Rice only 10 feet away. Whatever it was….

We made an awesome family memory today.

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