Tummy Time

I was so good about having designated tummy time for our oldest every day.  I was kind of good with our middle child. And well, I plain old stink with our newbie.  The youngest addition has maybe experienced tummy time 5 times in his whole almost 7 weeks of life (whoops!).

So, I was determined that this morning he would spend a good ten minutes on that cute belly of his. I put him down expecting a few whimpers of protest and headed to the kitchen…

2013-02-07 12.11.08When I returned a few minutes after putting some dishes away.  I found this….

2013-02-07 12.48.12


Epic fail?  Hmmm.  At least I know he can fall sleep on his on without the baby straight jacket:)

Tomorrow is another day, maybe he will last 5 minutes without a nap!


One thought on “Tummy Time

  1. Back in my day we put babies on their tummies to sleep all the time because they fell asleep so fast. Took care of expelling the gas, I guess. I’m glad my babies survived this method! Joyce

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