At my school…really?

Many, adults and kids, were welcomed to Margaret Brent yesterday morning by some colorful words and images and not the type that would make a mother proud.  No, it seems that some fun was had Wednesday night and our school grounds shows the result.  Graffiti colors sprayed across the once nondescript silver seal with not so nice words about school and images of private body parts sprawled across the pavement and brick walls.

2013-02-07 14.50.47

The worst wasn’t seeing the graffiti on Thursday morning; no, the worst was Thursday afternoon.  You see, after school all the LINK kids (LINK is an after school program run by the Village Learning Place) play outside on the playground and in the area where the graffiti is displayed.  As I walked by, you saw the kids running on top of and around the ugly images and disrespectful words.  Some kids were asking questions about what they saw, questions like: Why would someone do this to our school?  Do they know who did this?  There were also words of anger, “Our community spent lots of hours repainting our school to make it look nice, now it looks disgusting.”

Over dinner last night, the girls and I talked about what happened at the school and some of the words that were written on the bricks.  Our middle child is sure that the people who did will be put in jail for 100 years because you can’t say those things and get away with it.  While my oldest thinks she could get her friends together and paint over the graffiti.  I asked her, “Why not just remove it and pretend it never happened?” She replied, “I think we can make something pretty out of it.”

Make something pretty out of it….hmmm.  There is something about her words last night that keeps ringing in my ears.

Make something pretty out of it….

It’s Friday morning and the graffiti is still there, maybe we will have our chance to make something pretty out of it.

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