Giving up and Taking up

Lent…it’s what’s happening for the next 7 weeks.  Lent…it’s all about taking a closer look at self, relationship with God, and relationship with others.  Each year, I struggle with what will I do to work on each of three.  So here’s what I decided:

~I will do my usual of giving up alcohol (I’ve done it since I was 21–it is more of a tradition these days then an actual discipline).

SELF~Healthy eating.  I joined a group of ladies, thanks to a college friend, who are began a friendly competition to lose the baby weight/mid-thirties gain from now till the beginning of June.  Our bodies, after all, are a temple and mine deserves to be treated better than eating the yummy carb-filled treats.

GOD~A few years ago, I started giving up Facebook. I’ve found that FB can be a time suck–surprise, surprise.  The time that I would spend surfing (okay, stalking people) Facebook, I commit to spiritual reading (devotionals, Bible).  I always walk away from this practice in a deeper relationship with God.


OTHERS~Filling buckets.  Maggie, Ellie and I are taking on filling other people’s buckets.  Wondering what I am talking about?  Then you haven’t read one of our favorite family books, “Have You Filled a Bucket Today” by Carol McCloud.  It’s a  great book with a great message.  So be on the look out for daily posts about how we each have filled someone’s book daily.

What are you doing for Lent this year?





One thought on “Giving up and Taking up

  1. All great ideas for you–the facebook not so much for me. FB is the only way I am updated on the kids–pics, activities etc. One more discipline for you, Jenn during Lent–send photos and updates of the kids to the relatives via email.

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