Day 2: Filling buckets

It was an easy day to fill buckets yesterday. You would have to try really hard since it was Valentine’s Day and most people are in a pretty good mood.

The girls filled lots of buckets. Ellie wrote an extra note to her third grade teacher while Maggie did cards for every teacher, para, experience corp volunteer, parent volunteer, and a spare just in case of a visitor. What filled my bucket was seeing them working together on the playground to figure out whose coat got left behind during aftercare. They figured it out and we able to get a kindergartner back his coat, which totally filled his mom’s bucket (this would have been the third coat he lost this winter).

I hopefully filled a bucket today in Target when I let the person behind me jump in front with his 5 items.

And Andrew filled my bucket by sleeping from 10:30 to 6:45am. Though I think his smiles all the way through Target melted a few hearts and made buckets overflow:)

Have you been doing any bucket filling?


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