Day 7: Filling Buckets

Back to school means more opportunities to fill buckets.

Maggie was really excited to share whose bucket she filled. She enthusiastically exclaimed, “I filled my art teacher’s bucket by listening and not finger painting when we should be using our paint brushes.”

Ellie’s bucket filling was a bit more complex. She lent a book to a friend to read during free time. The friend continued to read the book after the class was told to put things away. The teacher took away the book, asked whose it was, and wanted to talk to Ellie after class. Meanwhile, the friend who was reading book felt bad and apologized to Ellie. Ellie replied with something like, “It’s okay. It was a mistake. We all make them.” Ellie said last night that she is pretty sure that filled her friend’s bucket.

I helped out in the kindergarten art class which I hope also filled the art teacher’s bucket. After what i saw and experienced yesterday, I am sure good listening and doing what you are told fills the art teacher’s bucket. (I also think the words “washable paint” also fill her bucket). Another thing I am sure of: I could never teach art to 30 kindergartners.

PS: Ellie did get her book from the teacher.

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