Magical Blue Doors


See these doors? This is just one set of the many magical blue doors at my daughters’ school. I am not sure what it is about these doors, but when my kids walk through them they are different kids.

Case 1: Youngest daughter is not having a good morning. She insists her father put her in a bad mood, but reality is she isn’t a morning person. The whole walk to school was filled with complaints until we approach the magical blue doors at which point she say,”I wonder what My teacher is wearing today. I like when she wears her black boots.”

We walk through the magical blue doors and she is full of smiles even kisses me goodbye at her classroom door. (Kind if shocked since two minutes earlier she also told me I made her morning “horrible”).

Not sure what it is about those blue school doors, but I am thinking that maybe I should paint our front door blue today.

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