Day 11: Filling Buckets

Today was a definite lazy day around our house. The girls, especially Ellie, enjoyed spending the day their PJs. And I enjoyed lounging around with Little Dude while the poor hubby was at the office doing taxes.

We had a different evening than we imagined or planned. Our game plan was to go to he VLP Spaghetti Disco in the evening, but a last minute birthday invite for a kindergartner birthday party would make out arrival a bit late, but still doable. Maggie loved the party and was ready to do some more partying, but Ellie enjoyed the PJ much more. So a new game plan was hatched…

We (all 5 of us) would go to Starbucks to do homework and Kumon. It was a great evening! The hubby and I had out usual lattes, little dude slept in his carrier and we got homework and Kumon done without any whining.

In talking with the girls about the evening, we decided we liked family bucket filling. This might have been he best bucket filling day yet.

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