The Jury Is Out

This morning my youngest daughter and I had a very serious conversation.   It was about her little brother.  It started innocently enough by her mentioning all of the things she was looking forward to.  Her brother’s first tooth,  a complete roll (on purpose), when he can put his arms out to be picked up, when he can play hide and seek with her, and the list went on for a while. Then she had a pretty big “ah ha” moment, in which I heard a gasp of realization.   “Mommy,” she said, “he is going to be the tie breaker in our family.”

Excitedly, she began to name off numerous details where our family is split down the middle.
~oldest daughter and my husband part their hair on the same side while youngest daughter and I part hair on the opposite side.

~oldest daughter and I hardly ever are bothered by mosquitos while youngest daughter and hubby are bitten by the only mosquito around.

~oldest daughter and hubby are a bit more pleasant in the morning than youngest and yours truly.

And she just kept on naming and talking for a good 20 minutes.  I must admit, I was both impressed and proud of her observations and connections.  Finally, as we were pulling into camp, she made one last comment/question, “But it isn’t a competition. It’s just fun to see how much he is like all of us. Right?”

And with that, she dropped the whole topic.  She didn’t even look to me for a reassuring nod to her question.  She knew the answer.  And I have to agree, it is fun seeing how much he and the girls take after me or the hubby.  It’s edifying to hear the girls talk about sticking up for someone who is being bullied. And be reminded of a situation/time when I  defended the weak.  But to be honest, her true statement was also a bit frightening.   There are definite times when my kids reflect my “not so good qualities.” Definitely, not my proud moments.

As I got back in the car and began driving to work, I had to wonder, “What characteristics of God’s do I have?”  I mean, we are created in God’s image, surely I have some of God’s good habits and traits.  And then the harder question, “Which of my many (let’s be honest) blemishes get in the way of God’s radiance shining through? ”

That’s what I was thinking about this morning.  How was your morning?

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