VBS: A stress fest with many God moments!

Every year, without fail, I find myself stressing out about VBS (that’s short for Vacation Bible School).   No matter how far in advance we start planning or how well under-wraps we think we’ve got it something will come up, go wrong, be missing, or go crazy.  Trust me it will—it always does.  And this past week of VBS went exactly as planned—in respect to the unexpected happening….again this year.

I must admit, I don’t think I would know what to think or do if things ever went how we planned.  And dare I say that we, the VBS directors, might even be saddened if things happened like they should and we didn’t have to put our problem solving talents to use.  There is, after-all, something thrilling about a bit of chaos.  For it is often in the midst of the VBS chaos that  I see/experience the Holy Spirit.  

VBS is a stress fest with many God moments. And while each year, I make a pact with myself that I won’t stress out about VBS next summer, I always do. Yep, I will be a big ball of stress the week before VBS (and even the week of).

The chaos that is VBS  is the gift of VBS. To hear kids talking about what they learned about God, where they saw God, and how they want to come back next year and the year after makes it all worth it.  It even makes hearing the VBS CD blaring from the girls’ room 6 months from now tolerable.

If you didn’t participate in a VBS this summer, in some way, shape or form, I hope you will consider it next summer.  It is chaotic, Spirit-filled, exhausting, and joyous all at once!, 

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