Lent is here..

Lent is finally here.  I must admit that it feels like it has been Lent for quite some time now.  Lent has been on my mind for weeks now.  Weeks of figuring out what we will be doing as a worshiping community at Second Pres and lots of brainstorming sessions about what The Slate Project will do as digital discipline.  And then there is what I want to do draw myself closer my Beloved (I’m talking about God and not the hubby).

I always joke that I give up sex with strangers.  So last night as the hubby turned to say goodnight, he said, “Are you giving up sex with strangers again this year?”  I said, “Of course.”  All joking aside, Lent doesn’t mean much if you don’t give up or take up something that brings you closer to God or to God’s beloved children.  So, this year my major commitment is to pray for and write a short note to the members Second Presbyterian Church in Baltimore, MD.  It isn’t an easy task.  It means praying for 4.7 families and writing cards to each one every day. (Probably about an hour’s worth of time between praying and writing.) I’m not quite sure what I will say in these notes.  To be honest, there are people on our active rolls that I have never met. (Crazy, as I’ve been at the church for almost 9 years.)

I do hope the notes will be a reminder that they are loved by God. I also hope these notes will remind folks that others are thinking and praying for them. I don’t expect folks to come to church more often after getting the note or for those I have never met to magically appear.  Handwritten notes aren’t magic—they are simply a reminder that we aren’t alone in this world.

I will still do my usual laundry list of “give ups”—as I think I would be lost without the tradition of doing so:
~no alcohol
~refrain from processed foods
~eliminating sugar

So, Lent is finally here!  What are you doing this Lenten season to draw yourself closer to God?

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