IMG_2231#BmoreTogether: July 21st
It’s Pretty Ironic
by Shelby Herndon

It’s pretty ironic, but mainly pathetic how I had so many preconceived notions about what I was walking into today. The truly pathetic part is that I have very little basis as I am literally within walking distance of the Walter P. Carter School. But like with everything that isn’t given a fair shake, the cure is always open-mindedness, time, and the willingness to take the plunge.

Although I got smacked in the head twice today by dodge ball balls, the high-energy game turned out to be the best introduction to what I hope this experience will become; working together in a fun way with boatloads of enthusiasm…and sweat.

Wonderful personalities surrounded me all day. Maybe I got lucky with the group I was assigned, but I think the more likely reason is that a lot of these kids have amazing interest and respect. From this girl’s humble opinion, I was impressed. I had five boys in my group, along with a new friend, Helene. There was the other team captain Marquese, who is a natural leader…except for at lunch when he plays with Raquan, the youngest and cutest member of our group. I think Josh is the most socialof the group; he was our group’s most supportive cheerleader when we went bowling. Shrylon is a little quieter, but he got more excited after getting his first strike amidst a bowling game devoid of strikes or spares. The last member is Brick whose name fascinates me as there is literally no reason for it, I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHY?!?!?

There are other cool kids there too; I just haven’t gotten around to meeting them yet. But I’m excited mainly because they are all excited. The kids are really the best part of this program, but there are other awesome things happening. We spent most of the morning sprucing up the school campus and there may be a possible mural in the works. But stay tuned for all of that colorful commentary☺

Shelby Herndon, a member of Second Presbyterian Church, will be a freshman in college this fall.  She was chosen to be a co-team leader for one of the 4 small groups working together this week at Walter P Carter, a elementary/middle school in Baltimore City.

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