#BmoreTogether: July 22


Coming into today I wasn’t too excited to get down and dirty, or bake in the extreme heat, but as much fun as I had Tuesday, I knew it would be fun.

This morning I arrived at Walter P. Carter school I was ready to work! My group, along with another group had the task of weeding, picking up trash, and beautifying the bushes along the parking lot. The task looked extremely difficult considering that the bushes looked like they hadn’t been taken care of in a pretty long time. Although it was hard we ended up getting everything done, and it looked so much better than it did before. I don’t think we would have been able to get it done if it wasn’t for everyone working together as a team and communicating effectively. Each person had their own job that they used to contribute to make everything so much easier for all of us. My whole group from the youngest boys to the oldest helped out doing everything they could. We also had the amazing help from the Baltimore City Public Schools grounds crew, who were so helpful to us in our clean up.

I was astonished today when I found out  that there were 17 only grounds crew for the 180 Baltimore City schools. We were so grateful for their help, compassion, and time they gave us to help. Today I saw a huge difference in the front of the school that made it look so much prettier, and it was all because we worked together as a team. I couldn’t ask for a better experience and opportunity than working with Acts4Youth to make this school a better environment for everybody!

Olivia Risser, a Second Presbyterian youth, is a rising freshman.  She is a co-leader of one of the four teams working this week in Wilson Park (a neighborhood on the east side of Baltimore city). 

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