About Me

I am a daughter, wife, mother, and pastor who was born and raised in Central Jersey.  A lot of who I am comes from where and how I was raised.  I’m an only child, sent to public schools with lots of diversity, over involved in sports and clubs, did well in school, but wasn’t an overachiever, and always went to church.  Heck, I was the kid who was always picked up from sleepovers at 8am Sunday because I needed to be at church.  Nuts right? A preteen and teen who really truly liked going to church is a rare breed.  To be honest, I didn’t get much out of the sermons or the prayer, that wasn’t why I went.  I went for the relationships, I went because if I didn’t go–I would be missed. Just like every teen, I wanted a place where I felt like I belonged and a place where I was welcomed by name.

Even now that is what I still yearn for—to be part of a community, known, loved and embrace just as I am.  I am pretty sure this is why I ended up in Charles Village—lots of great people, none of whom think alike, talk alike, or look alike.  And my crazy ideas and dreams are why I am a huge supporter and advocate for Baltimore City Public Schools, particularly Margaret Brent Elementary/Middle School and Mount Royal Elementary/Middle School.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Jenn, thanks for following my blog. I’m always happy to be in touch with other young(ish) women pastors! I love the artwork on your blog header. Blessings to you in the new year. ~Joanna

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