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Giving Thanks: Day 26


Today, I give thanks for books. My bedside table is littered with all sorts of books. If you know me, you know that I LOVE to read. I doubt there is any room in our house that doesn’t have a book in it. And luckily, this wonderful appreciation for books, which I got from my mom, has been passed down to my girls. This evening the hubby was upstairs reading books to our youngest in her bed, while the oldest and I lay nestled next to each other reading our own books.

I love catching my oldest sneak reading to her sister when they should be getting ready for school or catching one of them trying to do late night reading by the dim hallway light.

Books and the gift of being able to read…both of which I am so very thankful for this day.

Giving Thanks: Day 24


Today, I give thanks for procrastination. It is the vehicle that helps me over come that pesky perfectionist gene that one or both of my parents was kind enough to give me.

No matter how early in the week I start my sermon, it is no where near to done till 11pm (or later) on Saturday night. No matter how early and how not busy I was in high school, college, or seminary no paper or project would be done till late the night before. It’s just how I roll.

And it seems some of my best thoughts and words come at this eleventh hour. Maybe it’s the only time when I truly let go (if getting it right and perfect) and let God’s spirit flow in and through me or maybe I subconsciously like the thrill of the pressure.

Hmmm…. No time to over-analyze I have a sermon to finish 🙂

Giving Thanks: Day 23


Today, I give thanks for all the wonderful memories that flood my heart and mind as I walk through the doors of a WaWa. Everything from picking up Slim Jims and hoagies with my Dad on the way to the Jersey Shore, late night trips with my mom in her nightgown to pick up milk, bike rides afterschool, study snack runs while at Princeton Seminary, and now taking the girls to pick up a snack for the ride back to MD. Thanks WaWa!

Giving Thanks: Day 12


Today, I give thanks for the balanced and nutritious meals that are provided to our children in school and through afterschool programs. Many in our city never see a fresh
vegetable on their plate and most have never been to a farmer’s market.

My family is extremely blessed to have a full selection of fruits and veggies to choose from and to be picky about eating.

Giving Thanks: Day 9


Today, I give thanks for people and places that teach me patience. It was a particularly hard day for patience, especially at Kumon this evening. What usually takes 45 minutes to an hour has taken more than 1.5 hours. Much patience was required by my kids, the hubby, and me.